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10 Best-Selling Culinary Franchises 2022, Instantly Recoup Capital

10 Best-Selling Culinary Franchises 2022, Instantly Recoup Capital , Jakarta – Franchise business is now being loved by the public. The reason is, partners who work together do not need to build a marketing strategy from scratch. For those of you who are interested in opening a business, it is important to listen to the list of the best-selling culinary franchise businesses in 2022.

As is known, lately the franchise business has been increasingly looked at. This is because the product brand name is already big, so there is no need to seek trust from consumers. Those who take the franchise business also don’t need to do massive promotions.

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In addition, the business system usually also explains the details, capital and profits to be obtained. One of the most popular types of franchises is culinary, including contemporary food and drinks.

List of Best-Selling Culinary Franchises 2022
Here’s a list of the best-selling food and beverage franchises throughout 2022.

  1. Indonesian Iced Tea
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As the name implies, this tavern sells tea as the main menu. The Indonesian Ice Tea franchise business opportunity is very promising. As of January 2022, there were 504 outlets in all regions of Indonesia. If you want to join, you must prepare a capital of around IDR 120 million which will consist of licenses, equipment, and raw material stocks.

  1. Gildak
    Carrying the concept of Korean street food, Gildak has successfully become a contemporary snack option. Its favorite product is Itaewon Crispy Chicken. For Rp 200 million, prospective franchise partners can get a cash register, rental and interior design construction, equipment, and SOP (standard operational procedure) system.
  2. Soul Promise
    If you intend to open a fresh to cup viral coffee drink outlet, then you can choose Janji Jiwa, which is also included in the list of the 2022 best-selling culinary franchises. Not only that, they also provide Jiwa Tea and Jiwa Toast menus that can complement a cup of coffee. To open a franchise, prospective partners can buy a standard package worth IDR 75 million or a complete package with a difference of 10 million, to be precise IDR 85 million.
  3. Kebab Baba Rafi
    Turkish specialty food, Kebab Baba Rafi is also suitable for franchise business. Kebab Baba Rafi applies sharia principles in managing its franchise. With the provisions that 60% belongs to the partner and 40% is handed over to Baba Rafi. As a result, partners do not need to pay royalties and only prepare capital ranging from Rp 75-300 million.
  4. Mixue Ice Cream & Tea
    With a price of Rp 8,000, consumers can enjoy the delicious ice cream from Mixue Ice Cream & Tea. It is not surprising that this brand from China is selling well in the country. The cost of applying to open a Mixue Ice Cream & Tea franchise is around Rp 808 million, including raw materials and employee training.
  5. Rocket Chicken
    Rocket Chicken is on the list of the 2022 best-selling culinary franchises. This flour fried chicken franchise business has been established since 2010. Not inferior to CFC, KFC, or McDonald’s, Rocket Chicken has also been widely recognized by the public. To cooperate, partners need to buy a franchise package of around Rp 300-400 million. The capital includes tables and chairs, cooking utensils, and other materials.
  6. Sabana Fried Chicken
  7. Flour fried chicken is considered comfort food because it is favored by all ages. Sabana Fried Chicken is one of the best-selling crispy chicken brands in Indonesia. The delicious and cheap price of the food is the main point of its success. This is reflected in the relatively low capital, which starts from Rp 17 million only. This price includes assistance from the management for the first three months.
  8. SIMHAE Korean BBQ
    SIMHAE Korean BBQ is a Korean grill outlet that has 15 outlets in Indonesia. The capital required to establish a partnership is around IDR 200-600 million depending on the package options. This business is inspired by drakor scenes called korean grill.
  9. Traffic Bun
    YouTuber Fadil Jaidi is the brand ambassador of the local burger food business, Traffic Bun. The owner is Nikmat Group, which opens partnership opportunities for anyone. The franchise fee that must be prepared is around IDR 200 million, not including equipment and raw materials.
  10. Subway
    This American sandwich restaurant is on the rise because it is often used as a location for Korean dramas. Previously, Subway had opened its outlets in Indonesia but closed due to the 1998 monetary crisis. Now, Subway is reopening outlets and cooperation opportunities. For those interested, the capital that must be prepared is around Rp 1.3-3 billion.
  11. That’s the list of the best-selling culinary franchises in 2022, from Korean-style food to contemporary coffee drinks. Choosing a franchise business can be the right choice for those of you who don’t want to build brand awareness from the start.

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