Bank BTPN and Microsoft Cooperate , Create an Inclusive Environment

Create an Inclusive Environment, Bank BTPN and Microsoft Cooperate ,  PT Bank BTPN Tbk established a partnership with Microsoft Indonesia to build an equal and inclusive work environment. This is also done to provide more career opportunities for women and gender equality in the field of digital talent.

Mira Fitria, Head of Human Resources at Bank BTPN, said that the collaboration with a company from the United States (US) was carried out as a form of commitment and at the same time supporting the acceleration of digital transformation in the internal environment. The cooperation between the two parties is through the Code without Barriers (CWB) program.

“This program initiated by Microsoft since September 2021 aims to help address the gender gap in the cloud , data, artificial intelligence and digital technology sectors. Bank BTPN is also the first partner from the banking industry to join the CWB community in Indonesia,” Mira said in a statement, Monday (26/9/2022).

According to him, the implementation of the CWB program at Bank BTPN this year will be divided into three main components, namely Thought Leadership & Advocacy, Talent Pooling through internship programs as well as Tech Opportunities for Women, and Co-branding. These three components are in line with the pillars of our employee value proposition , namely self-growth and digitally powered .

Mira hopes that this collaboration with Microsoft Indonesia can be a solution to increase digital capabilities to answer talent needs and encourage equal job opportunities for women in the field of information technology at Bank BTPN. “In accordance with our mission of creating significant and sustainable value for stakeholders, Bank BTPN is committed to continuing to provide the best for our employees, customers and the Indonesian people,” he said.


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Meanwhile, Krishna Worotikan, Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft Indonesia who also leads the Diversity & Inclusion initiative, added that the collaboration program was held due to the lack of female digital talent in Indonesia. Based on his records, the number of women working in the fields of data and artificial intelligence is only 30%.

Not only that, the number of women even fell below 20% who are pursuing cloud computing. Thus, it is necessary to give more opportunities to women to be more confident in pursuing a career in this field.

“By joining Bank BTPN in this program, we believe we can accelerate the realization of an inclusive digital world. We hope that our participation can inspire other financial industry players to encourage economic growth and accelerate the transformation of digital banking in Indonesia,” he said.

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