Biofarma & KlikDokter – The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many industrial sectors in Indonesia. However, this outbreak is a momentum for the health industry. Because, nowadays people are increasingly aware that health is important and are trying to maintain their health.

Therefore, the health industry continues to be encouraged to grow in order to increase the competitiveness and independence of the health industry. There are several companies that have responded quickly to this matter, one of which is Biofarma.

Biofarma is a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) which is engaged in the pharmaceutical sector. Currently, Biofarma has the main task of providing vaccines, serums, and other products for domestic use.

Mahsun Muhammadi, Head of Retail and Service Division of PT Bio Farma said that Biofarma has several factories to produce vaccines and medicines. In addition, there are also distributors, healthcare services, clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories.

“Our job is to help the government to provide better health services. It’s all supported by our capabilities. We have 45 distribution channels, 13 factories, 1262 pharmacies, 626 clinics, and exports to 151 countries,” explained Mahsun at the Marketeers iClub event entitled Healthcare Industry in the Pandemic Era.

In tackling COVID-19, Biofarma plays a role in the procurement and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. There are several types of vaccines produced and distributed by Biofarma, including the mutual cooperation vaccine or Sinopharm.

“We play a role in the procurement and distribution of vaccinations. We have to make sure we have enough vaccines. Therefore, we have many products. Some we buy directly on a business to business (B2B) basis , some are business to government (B2G),” said Mahsun.

In addition, Biofarma also collaborates with several stakeholders to produce and distribute COVID-19 detection products, clinical trials of vaccines, Plasma Convalescen research, supply of medicines and vitamins, development of BUMN vaccines, to the provision of health facilities.

Besides Biofarma, KlikDokter, a child of the Kalbe Group, is also quick to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. As a telemedicine that has been established since 2008, KlikDokter is here as a public health solution, especially in the era of the pandemic.

Biofarma & KlikDokter

Natania Blueuardi, KlikDokter’s Business Development, said that KlikDokter is developing its application further. Currently, KlikDokter also has a large network of pharmacies, the result of the integration of KlikDokter with one of Enseval’s B2C digital order platforms, namely MOS Health.

“We have a lot of networks to pharmacies. Through MOS Health, there are 1500 of our partner pharmacies located in various cities. Meanwhile, from Enseval itself, there are more than 7,000 partner pharmacies throughout Indonesia,” said Natania.

KlikDokter has several interesting features that can make it easier for the public, especially during the pandemic. Some of these features are 24 hours live online chat, video consultation, and health tools. In addition, KlikDokter also has a website, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, to TikTok to stay relevant and keep up with community developments.

Not only that, KlikDokter also publishes health articles that are updated every day. This is done so that people are more aware of health problems.

“Currently, we have published more than 200 thousand health articles. We want people who come to KlikDokter not only because they are sick, but we also want healthy people to be able to read and enjoy our content in the hope of preventing illness before the onset of disease,” added Natania.

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    Another advantage that KlikDokter has is KlikDokter’s e-commerce , namely Healthy Shopping. Healthy Shopping sells several products such as OTC and OBT drugs, health products, health packages, beauty packages, and many more.

    Natania also said that KlikDokter also provides medical reservations. There are two kinds of reservations available, namely doctor appointments and health package appointments.

    “Through KlikDokter, the public can contact the nearest hospital directory from their location and see the doctor’s practice schedule. They can also make reservations through us. In addition to doctor reservations, the public can also make reservations for COVID-19 tests , screening tests , and other health tests,” concluded Natania.

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