Blibli: Ideal WFA Working Concept for Companies

The application of the Work From Anywhere (WFA) concept initiated by the State Civil Service Agency for State Civil Apparatus (ASN) is increasingly being discussed. According to the Head of the Legal, Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau of the State Civil Service Agency, Satya Negara, the WFA scheme can be taken by ASN as long as the target is achieved and performance is achieved. This concept may sound new to government agencies. It is different for a domestic e-commerce company , Blibli, which has implemented a policy of working from anywhere or WFA since the beginning of 2022.

According to EVP People Operations and General Services Blibli Sandra Kumalasari Dinata, flexibility and adaptability are the keys for Blibli to grow. For companies, dynamism is something they face every day.

“During the pandemic , implementing the Work From Home policy was not something really new for Blibli. Along with the development of the pandemic and the aspirations of Bliblioneers (as Blibli employees are called), we see the implementation of Work From Anywhere (WFA) as the most ideal policy by considering safety and health, both physically and mentally, “explained Sandra.

Sandra explained that Bliblioneers are given the freedom to choose their place of work, starting from the office, home , working space , to cafe. He said, Bliblioneers have the right to make their own choices in carrying out the most appropriate work method for them, considering that each individual has their own preferences, domestic affairs, and challenges.

On the other hand, Sandra said WFA’s policy was not an excuse for her party to lower its commitment to meeting customer needs. “We also maintain the productivity of Bliblioneers with the support of work infrastructure. Blibli provides devices/devices that support work from anywhere that are equipped with a security system, so that data and information can still be managed securely. Not only that, Blibli has transferred several incentive components to support personal expenses used for work, such as the internet network,” Sandra explained.

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    During the implementation of the WFA policy, the facts did not indicate a decline in productivity for Blibli employees. In fact, according to him, the enthusiasm of digital talents to join Blibli is maintained. This is evidenced by hundreds of new employees joining the WFA period, 230 online trainings, and more than 24 seamless online onboardings .

    “Blibli is committed to creating an inclusive and innovative environment to help improve quality, develop and maintain Bliblioneers. We will review this provision periodically and carry out comprehensive communication in order to align the expectations and visions between Blibli and each employee,” concluded Sandra.

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