Brankas Optimistic Safes Revolutionize SMEs Through Open Banking – Optimistic Safes Revolutionize SMEs through Open Banking , Brankas, an open finance technology company, confirmed its commitment to accelerate financial inclusion by appointing Husni Fuad as Indonesia Country Manager. In the future, they are determined to help SMEs to understand the opportunities that open banking brings .

SMEs are a concern for Safe. With a total of 63 million in Indonesia, SMEs are a driving force for the economy and employment in the country.

However, only 20% of them have access to banking and other digital financial services such as payments and inventory financing. Open banking is designed to encourage competition and innovation in the financial services sector.

In addition, encouraging the presence of new digital products to provide a better user experience. Open banking allows banks to generate new revenue from the “platform” business model.

By partnering with startups and technology companies to access new consumers, share data, and collaborate to create new digital products. This is expected to be able to help SMEs and other digital sectors in the future.

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On various occasions, Bank Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo emphasized the importance of digitizing the payment system to encourage economic recovery and the national financial industry, as stated in the launch of the national financial system, namely QRIS, SNAP and FAST as part of the 2025 Open Banking Roadmap. Synergy and coordination that includes electronification, transformation integration, and the digitization of SMEs are considered capable of supporting economic recovery.

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Therefore, with the continued development of the open banking ecosystem in Indonesia, Husni wants to take Brankas to a higher level by developing a good work culture, strengthening its position in the open banking industry and Banking as a services (BaaS) for banking so that the company can become a market leader. in these areas in Indonesia.

“With Brankas’ mission to build financial inclusion and develop an ecosystem to offer better financial services to everyone, I believe the company can play a central role in helping financial institutions reach a wider audience. In addition, it also helps create opportunities for SMEs and startups to increase their services and income,” said Husni.

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