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CV Baja Sakti Utama as “Toko Besi Bandung”

About CV Baja Sakti Utama (TB Cipta Utama) is a supplier or distributor of various kinds of construction iron or steel such as IWF, Hbeam, Concrete, Elbow, Eser Plate, and others. For more complete product details, you can see them in our product section or contact us directly.

The Beginning, ” Toko Besi Bandung ” / Bandung Steel Shop CV Baja Sakti Utama or Cipta Utama. TB Cipta Utama is the first name of CV Baja Sakti Utama. We are a company engaged in the distribution of construction iron located in Bandung. Starting in 1986, we opened an iron shop in Bandung. Until now, we continue to be committed to improving the quality of service and product completeness.

CV Baja Sakti Utama
CV Baja Sakti Utama

Milestone, To achieve our mission of becoming a “One Stop Solution for Steel Construction Needs”, CV Baja Sakti Bandung Iron Shop continues to expand its relationships by working with factories and distributors in Indonesia. In addition, we also prioritize efficiency in the operational system. By using machines in operational activities, we can reduce costs and can provide the best prices.

In 2017, Bandung Cipta Utama Iron Shop established itself as a business entity called CV Baja Sakti Utama. Continuing to innovate in everything is our mission. We continue to update our products so that we can always meet consumer needs.

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Philosophy CV Baja Sakti Utama

Competitive Pricing: The prices we provide are very competitive in the market and comparable to the service and quality of the products we offer. The iron products we sell are products that have been tested in accordance with Indonesian National Standards (SNI).

CV Baja Sakti Utama
CV Baja Sakti Utama

On-Time Delivery: Timeliness in delivery is one of the most important factors in providing satisfaction to consumers. We are committed to making deliveries according to the promised time.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. By providing the best service and providing a complete variety of products, we hope we can establish good relationships and always maintain customer satisfaction levels.


Bandung – Indonesia

Telp     : (022)6031862 / (022)6034234

Fax       : (022)6037777

Phone  : 0878-2288-1870 / 0859-5600-5777  (WA)

Email   :

Addresses : Jalan Rajawali Timur No. 48, Bandung

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