EdenFarm Encourages Farmers’ Welfare through Zero Food Waste

EdenFarm Encourages Farmers’ Welfare through Zero Food Waste , EdenFarm announced its achievements in reducing food waste in its operational process. They recorded almost 0% or zero food waste .

This is a proud achievement. The reason is, they believe that solving the problem of food waste in the business to business (B2B) supply chain can improve the welfare of farmers.

“Some of the keys to our success in achieving almost zero waste in the food supply chain ecosystem are the high-accuracy forecasting technology that we provide for farmers,” said David Setyadi Gunawan, CEO of EdenFarm.

Through the technology they present, EdenFarm reduces supply chain inefficiency problems. Previously, farmers’ crops needed intermediaries to get to B2B markets such as hotels, markets, to culinary SMEs.
This intermediary process then allowed some farmers to only sell 30% of their annual produce, while the rest was wasted. In addition, culinary SMEs are also said to experience wasted food due to poor distribution processes.

Therefore, on the platform that they have, EdenFarm connects the supply of suitable customer farmers.
“We have a system that can help farmers predict how much they should produce in the next cropping cycle,” said David.

EdenFarm claims this accurate planting prediction also provides benefits for customers, namely price stability and consistent quality. SMB customers can save up to more than 30% and use 100% of the products they buy.

In addition, the logistics, distribution, and purchasing processes that take less than 10 hours minimize the risk of food waste due to post-harvest quality decline.

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