Embrace Amanda Rawless, Fore Coffee Launches Anti Mainstream Menu

uqwo.com – Fore Coffee as an Indonesian coffee shop startup company launched a new menu series. Titled The Goodness of Oats, Fore Coffee presents a special menu in collaboration with Amanda Rawless, an Indonesian actress. 

Vico Lomar as the Co-Founder and CEO of Fore Coffee said that The Goodness of Oats has become the answer to the needs of Amanda Rawless and the Indonesian people for an anti-mainstream oat milk menu . He added, the presence of The Goodness of Oats was also present to welcome Ramadan and would only be available for the next three months.

“As an aspirational coffee brand, we believe this innovation can become a new menu that people are interested in, both for breaking the fast or to accompany daily activities to support productivity,” said Vico.

This collaboration menu consists of Royal Jujube Oatmilk, Golden Ube Oatmilk, and Coconut Nectar Latte. 

The Goodness of Oats combines oat milk with ingredients such as jujube (Korean dates), sweet potato, coconut, and nectar. This combination not only makes the menu more varied, but also provides nutrition and a delicious taste as a complement to the audience.

Fore Coffee

According to Amanda Rawless, The Goodness of Oat is a complete package for those of us who are not only looking for a drink that tastes good, but is also nutritious. “

 Fore helped me to create a blend of coffee, oat milk and other ingredients that I had not yet found in Indonesia. That’s why I’m proud of my first collaboration with my favorite coffee brand. I am sure this innovation will enrich the existing menu variants,” said Amanda Rawless.

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The Goodness of Oats product range is suitable for consumption for people who have lactose intolerance or are allergic to cow’s milk. The dose of oat milk used is also measured precisely in each glass. 

The Goodness of Oats, which consists of three menus and two of which are plant-based , is priced starting at IDR 32 thousand per regular-sized glass.

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