Frank & Co a Unique, Stylish and Elegant “Beads” Collection

Undercover Bisnis – Frank & Co , Welcoming the end of the year, Frank & co. re-launched the latest collection of women’s jewelry, namely “Beads Collection” to enliven the gifting season . Present in the form of diamond rings and diamond bracelets, the Beads collection can support a more stylish and elegant everyday appearance 

The specialty of the Beads diamond jewelry collection is its unique design. As the name implies, ” beads” , each piece of jewelry looks like a co of beads (beads) arranged in a row to form a diamond ring and diamond bracelet. Interestingly, the co of these beads can move dynamically and can be rotated when worn by the wearer.

This collection looks even more charming with the use of 18 carat rose gold and Frank & co quality standard diamonds. at the F color level and Very Very Slightly Included (VVS) clarity which gives the impression of luxury but is still simple to wear everyday.

Ferdy Felano, General Manager of Frank & co. said, the launch of the Beads collection is a manifestation of Frank & co’s consistency. in presenting a collection of genuine diamond jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also unique and attractive so that it can be worn and enjoyed by diamond jewelry lovers.

“We hope that the Beads collection can give joy to the wearer with its fun , stylish and modern design as a statement piece that can support the appearance. In addition, Beads can also be an alternative gift to express love to loved ones and yourself, “he said.

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    Diamond rings and diamond bracelets from the Beads collection can be found at Frank & co outlets. scattered throughout Indonesia. November and December specials, get diamond pendants for jewelry purchases at Frank & co. with terms and conditions apply

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