Geber Burger, Jiwa Group’s Newest Brand, Opens 55 Stores at Once

Geber Burger

Geber Burger , Jiwa Group’s Newest Brand, Opens 55 Stores at Once , Geber Burger officially entered the Indonesian food & beverage (F&B) industry with a record 55 outlets which opened simultaneously on 11 January. This brand is part of the Jiwa Group after the company previously successfully developed Kopi Janji Jiwa and Jiwa Toast.

Geber Burger is here as a product diversification from the Jiwa Group and unmitigated, the company immediately opened many outlets across Jabodetabek. This opening also received a record from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) as the Most Simultaneous Burger Outlets Opened in a Day.

“The presence of this brand is one of our efforts to quickly expand our reach in the F&B industry in 2023. This is also in line with our DNA, which is to continue to innovate, bring new ideas and trends to increase customer satisfaction,” said Billy Kurniawan, CEO and Founder of Jiwa Group. in the official statement.

At the beginning of its presence, Burger Geber offered three menu variants, namely beef, chicken and cheeseburger . It is hoped that this menu choice can be enjoyed by culinary connoisseurs.

Geber Burger
Geber Burger

As a differentiation from competitors, Geber Burger has a mainstay menu called Geber Beef Barbar which is made from a combination of homemade bread and premium beef patty . Both are then added smoked beef stripes, a slice of cheese, and BBQ sauce.

“We also maintain food quality and good service as a priority. Therefore, not only in terms of taste. We also ensure customer comfort by registering our brand with LPPOM MUI. So, Burger Geber has been registered as Halal,” said Billy.


He added, going forward Jiwa Group will continue to provide new initiatives to meet the increasingly diverse needs of its customers. However, they still make quality a priority.

Various Geber Burger menus can be enjoyed directly at several Janji Jiwa outlets in the Jabodetabek area. And, it can also be purchased online through GoFood, GrabFood, and the Jiwa+ application with prices starting from IDR 25,000

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