Hongsam Choego Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng

Hongsam Choego

Hongsam Choego Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng , The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the awareness of the Indonesian people to maintain health. This condition is also captured by many business people. Hongsam Choego is no exception.

Based on a survey conducted by  Neurosensum , 73% of people are now consuming more health supplements than before. Similar results were also obtained by Nielsen ‘s research when surveying the behavior of the Indonesian people as they entered the new normal period. 

People also need quality and practical health supplements. At this point, Hongsam Choego comes in a ready-to-drink package that is easy to carry to support daily activities.

Bought by PT Saras Subur Abadi (SSA), Hongsam Choego uses six-year-old Korean red ginseng, which is the most ideal age for harvesting.

“By consuming one sachet before going to bed every day, Hongsam Choego can help maintain health and increase stamina, especially during bad weather or the rainy season like now,” said a representative from PT Saras Subur Abadi in his report. 

Korean red ginseng has the scientific name  Panax Ginseng CA Meyer . In Greek,  panax  means thought to cure all ailments. Modern science reveals that Korean red ginseng contains a variety of active components not found in other plants, including  ginsenosides,  saponins and other phytochemicals. 

Hongsam Choego
Hongsam Choego

These substances are considered to bring many health benefits to the body so that Korean red ginseng has become very popular in its home country and is often used as a gift for family and colleagues.


Apart from Korean red ginseng, another main ingredient in Hongsam Choego is jujube extract, also known as Chinese dates or red dates. 

Jujube comes from the  Ziziphus Jujuba tree  which grows a lot in South Asia. It is rich in antioxidants such as  flavonoids  and saponins which are good for the body and can help improve skin conditions. 

Not only contains Korean red ginseng and jujube, Hongsam Choego is also equipped with hematococcus extract which produces astaxanthin which is also a super antioxidant.

Hongsam Choego, which has passed the test and has certification from the BPOM, can be consumed by men and women of all ages.

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