JOOX Launches Radio Feature, Increase Interaction

Success with its various interactive features launched in 2020, JOOX is positive by continuing to enrich similar features. This music streaming service reads that musicians’ success is driven by interaction with listeners and the ability of music platforms to echo their music.

The digital entertainment industry throughout 2020 is very challenging. Various entertainment channels are transformed and broadcast their contents through digital channels, including radio. Realizing that the industry is dim, players in this industry are starting to use digital as their new channel. The audience response was unexpectedly high enough. In fact, it began to be read that many people want to listen to radio, but are limited by its frequency.

“We see an opportunity in the personal choice of listeners for the content they want to listen to. An example is the desire to listen to the radio without having to be limited in frequency, ”said Yuanita Agata, Head of Marketing of JOOX.

JOOX then took a smart step by introducing radio features to its users. Through this feature, this music streaming platform seeks to penetrate the radio broadcast frequency limit. Now, listeners can listen to the radio anywhere and anytime without having to be in an area with the same frequency. According to Yuanita, with this feature, musicians can also be broader in marketing their work and building interactions with listeners throughout Indonesia.

In creating this feature, JOOX took a number of well-known radio stations. Among them, Prambors Jakarta, motion Jakarta, Hot FM Jakarta, Radio Palupi Bangka, Raka FM Bandung, and so on. The plan, JOOX will continue to expand the scope of this cooperation to expand the scope of its users.

“Not only musicians, but JOOX believes this feature can increase the number of users. JOOX users can also have a variety of song choices through recommendations given by radio, not to mention that regional radios also often invite native musicians from their regions. In terms of content, it will certainly be richer, “he concluded.

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