KFC Indonesia’s Strategy

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Every company should be able to reach more audiences and keep in touch with them. To achieve that goal, one of them can be reached by utilizing social media. This is of course in order to create a strong brand image.

In this case, one of the companies that has succeeded in reaching the largest audience so that it has managed to maintain a relationship with its audience is KFC Indonesia. KFC Indonesia’s social media account became the first FnB account in Indonesia to reach 2 million followers. In fact, from a MediaWave poll , KFC Indonesia outperformed its competitors by becoming a netizen ‘s favorite social media account .

Brand campaign on social media

Behind the success achieved by KFC Indonesia, there must be a well-prepared strategy and plan. This success cannot be separated from the participation of talents who help plan and solve creative problems that remain goal-oriented, to help companies achieve digital marketing effectiveness.

They are Unithree, a company in the field of creative services that was founded in 2014. Unithree itself currently has 3 business units. The first is Unithree which is engaged in creative marketing services , the second is MarcMade which is engaged in service design & experience development , and the last is WonderWhy which is engaged in cultural insight analysis .

Unithree Co-Founder & Managing Director Daniel Chia said, “Our superior service is digital & social media marketing and various supporting facilities such as cultural research , ads & influencer management , and design & branding . In this service, we have succeeded in creating creative outputs that have a direct and measurable impact in the form of digital growth of clients’ assets and businesses.”

KFC Indonesia’s Strategy

Tim Unithree

“The combination of our communication strategy, creative development , and media plan combined with insight from local culture has succeeded in bringing our clients closer to their respective target markets. One of them is some of our campaigns with KFC Indonesia which have gone viral on social media due to the right and relevant communication approach to the Indonesian audience.”

Unithree started handling the social media account @kfcindonesia in early August 2018, at which time the number of followers of @kfcindonesia only reached 550 thousand followers. Daniel revealed that “Always Original” was chosen as the brand essence that guides their strategy in managing KFC Indonesia’s digital presence. Defined as authenticity and uniqueness originating from Indonesia.

“Our mission is to feel and understand the local culture, discover and fulfill local flavours, and keep close and relevant to the audience. These qualities have helped us create a contemporary execution tactic that we are proud of, which is to ride on local momentum,” said Daniel.

An example of a case is when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and had a negative impact on the Indonesian economy, including FnB businesses such as KFC Indonesia. At that time, there was a big campaign from a brand that invited consumers to continue to enjoy their products and also mentioned the products of various other brands for the sake of thousands of employees who also needed help.

This, of course, elicited great sympathy from the audience. Various brands immediately thanked each other, and some of them participated in a similar campaign . So, the challenge faced is how to divert public discussion with campaigns that offer added value.

“We present the concept of ‘Support Local Business’ with added value by offering free promotion space for Indonesian local SMEs through the comments column on KFC’s social media accounts, and 20 favorite brands are also displayed or endorsed through KFC Indonesia’s Instagram Story. More than 10 thousand businesses participated and a total of 4 million views were collected, all with a budget of 0 rupiah,” said Daniel.

Then when the collaboration of a competing brand with a popular boy group from South Korea was excited, KFC Indonesia was still able to take advantage of the euphoria subtly. From touching love letters and several tweets that provoke engagement , KFC Indonesia has succeeded in turning the public’s attention back to getting more than 80 thousand daily profile visits on Instagram.

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    Successfully gaining more than 2 million followers in 2022, @kfcindonesia is the FnB account with the highest number of followers in Indonesia. Outperform their competitors, both in terms of number and rate of follower growth. “This achievement further encourages and motivates us to continue to assist companies in updating digital marketing ,” concluded Daniel.

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