Klamby Debuts at London Fashion Week 2022

Klamby Debuts at London Fashion Week 2022 , Klamby, a modest wear brand from Indonesia made its debut at London Fashion Week 2022. With this, the local brand became the first modest wear brand , and the only one to appear at the event.

In the London Fashion Week 2022 event, Klambi presented the SS23 collection which was inspired by the Creative Director of Indonesian heritage, Nadine Gaus. This collection features wearable dresses, caftans, and bulkheads with intricate embellishments and fine details that look chic.

This brand is a modest clothing brand in creating advanced, modern and fresh clothing in collections that celebrate fashion for all.

“Indonesia’s diversity extends to various belief systems. The richness of Indonesian culture gave birth to so many works of art, as well as fashion. Many Indonesian fashions are inspired by local culture, including Klamby. We raised Garut Weaving in this fashion week in London,” said Nadine.

The SS23 collection is inspired by hand-woven textiles originating from Central Java, namely Tenun Garut. In addition, there is also inspiration from Indonesia’s national flowers such as jasmine, moth orchid, and rafflesia arnoldi flowers.

These symbols represent the image of the nation, namely the Nation’s Flower (Puspa Bangsa), the Enchanted Flower (Puspa Pesona), and the Rare Flower (Puspa Rare). Various fabrics developed through the textile process have special details in their natural fiber texture.

The process of making the fabric for Klamby’s clothing is made by weaving through traditional non-machine tools. These techniques are used in several parts that adorn the catwalk.

For the color itself, the SS23 collection consists of neutral colors to colorful colors. Starting from a classic neutral color palette, to colors that are bold, fun, and timeless.

Upon hearing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2’s passing, Nadine and the Klamby design team set out to create a black dress in a ’50s-inspired silhouette to pay homage to the iconic leader. This dress took to the runway and was worn by influencer Patricia Gouw.

Klamby hopes that through his debut at London Fashion Week 2022, he can inspire the world through his Indonesian heritage. The brand also hopes that the SS23 collection and other brand collections will not only be enjoyed by local people, but also globally.

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