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uqwo.com – Klarna Fintech Start Up , Klarna is one of the international Fintech Start Ups that provides answers for people when shopping online. The existence of this Start Up will simplify the online purchase process with various and simple payment options.Klarna Fintech Start Up

Technological developments also support the existence of Start Ups in various parts of the world, one of which is Klarna.
Below, we will delve deeper into Klarna’s Start Up, from its inception to how they developed a Start Up in an age where everything uses technology.

Klarna at a Glance

Klarna is a company that was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose of establishing Start Up Klarna is to make it easier for people to do online shopping activities.
In contrast to other companies that are eroded by current technological developments, Klarna still upholds a simple payment system.

The rapid evolution of technology has not stopped Larna from implementing simple, easy payments, and of course maintaining security.

Klarna company provides payment and shopping services globally and its name is quite well known and well known by many people.

Until now, Klarna has counted as having 147 million active consumers in more than 400 thousand merchants in 45 countries.

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They provide services in the form of shopping experiences as well as smarter and more flexible purchases. The payment systems applied are also very diverse so that it is easier for consumers to shop online.

The payment offers provided by Klarna are direct payments, post-delivery payments, even installments.

In 2014, the Klarna company acquired SOFORT and from there the Klarna Group was formed. The investor support that Klarna received from Silver Lake, Sequoia Capital, Dragoneer, Bestseller Group, Visa, Permira, Atomico, to Ant Group.

Klarna Company Statistics Data

It doesn’t feel complete if you already know the explanation of what Klarna company is but don’t know the statistical data from the company.

Keep in mind that the Klarna company itself is a subsidiary of the Klarna Group which was formed in 2014 as previously explained.

The Klarna company’s statistical data shows that their total active consumers are 147 million consumers.
Meanwhile, the total number of traders is more than 400 thousand traders, and the employees are 5000 people. Do not forget also that the number of transactions per day is 2 million.

Who is the Founder Behind Klarna’s Start Up Company?

Maybe you will wonder, who is the real founder of this one Start Up company. Until they managed to flap their wings to become one of the internationally renowned companies.

There are several people who became the founders of Klarna and here we will start with the first founder who is also the current CEO of Klarna.

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Sebastian Siemiatkowski is the co-founder and CEO of the Klarna Start Up Fintech company.

One of them was founded by Sebastian Siemiatkowski, a man born in 1981 who has eight years of experience in sales and also serves as marketing manager at Djuice Uppsala.

Apart from Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Klarna was also founded by Niklas Adalberth, a 1981-born entrepreneur who is also the main founder of the Norrsken Foundation.

Lastly, there is Victor Jacobsson as Co-Founder and owner of Klarna. He is also born in 1981 and is a graduate of the Master of Science, Stockholm School of Economics.

Klarna Application Technology

As previously explained, Klarna is a Fintech Start Up and its technology uses applications that can be downloaded by smartphone users.

The Klarna application allows users to check and track the parcel’s position with just the application.
Klarna also offers an app-based browser shopping feature and allows purchases from retailers, such as Amazon.


The most popular product in the Klarna application is the installment offer with four payments without interest.
Another product they also offer is that users can add products to a wish list, deposit money with the company, and offer the option of paying 30 days after delivery of the goods.

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    Funding Activities at Klarna Company

    In the year 2021, Klarna’s estimated valuation will reach US$ 45.6 billion or 638.40 trillion. This is because the Klarna service has become very popular since the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The injection of funds that made Klarna’s name stick out to make its status as Europe’s top fintch unicorn as well as a startup or Start Up with the largest valuation after financial company Stripe.

    The injection of funds was carried out by Softbank’s Visions Fund 2 which later increased

    again with the injection of funds by Gojek investors of 9 trillion.

    Adit Ventures, Honeycomb Asset Management and WestCap Group are other institutional investors who are also participating in this Klarna company funding.

    Apart from 2021, in previous years Klarna has indeed managed to collect various other funding from investors for the sustainability of the company.

    The Sustainability of Klarna’s Start Up Company in the Future

    Just like companies in general, Start Up Klarna has also prepared a sustainability plan that has been prepared from now on. Here are some of the sustainability plans of the Klarna Start Up company in the future.

    • First, Klarna will seek gender equality by 2025 with the aim of accelerating a woman’s career.
    It was already officially announced by Klarna itself on International Women’s Day 2021 that they are targeting this plan through a series of events that will highlight the contribution of women to their company.

    This sustainability plan is none other than implementing Klarna’s mission of promoting an inclusive and empowering work environment.

    • Second, Klarna also has a plan to achieve planet health by reducing emissions by 50 percent by 2030.
    They have set a target to reduce emissions by 2030 by 50 percent by using methods to deal with carbon footprints through new, more environmentally friendly approaches.

    They carry out this sustainability plan to address the environmental challenges that the world will face with particular urgency to define carbon emissions and support initiatives to reduce environmental change and loss of biodiversity.
    Their efforts are evidenced in the dedication carried out in April 2021 where they will dedicate as much as 1 percent of the funding round to protect, reduce, and restore climate and biodiversity.

    • Finally, Klarna also offers financial well-being information to all markets for those who need it.

    The innovation form of this sustainability plan is by issuing several features and launching the Influencer Board.
    App reminders for consumers who forget to pay are included in a feature called The Never Forget Test.

    To reveal Klarna’s consumer debt data and challenge the credit industry, there is a new site in Sweden, the WikiPink site.
    While the Influencer Board which aims to provide guidance and clarity on financial guidance for its users.

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