KRAFT Campaign Consumer Education About Food Labels

Cheddar cheese is a dairy product that is much favored by Indonesian consumers. In fact, a survey conducted by KRAFT as a producer of cheddar cheese revealed that 50% of mothers in Indonesia consume cheese one to seven times a week. Cheddar cheese is considered to be able to complete daily nutrition.

Many mothers choose cheddar cheese creations to make delicious, nutritious dishes for their little ones. Even so, it turns out that there are still many mothers who don’t know that not all cheddar cheese on the market uses cheddar cheese as the main raw material.

“The survey states that more than 61% of respondents do not know that cheddar cheese products on the market are not all made from cheddar cheese . In addition, it was also revealed that 77% of mothers claimed to be used to seeing food labels. However, more than 48% do not know how to read the composition correctly,” said Dian Ramadianti as Senior Marketing Manager of KRAFT Cheese.

Realizing this, KRAFT Cheese, which is one of the leading brands from Mondelēz Indonesia, invites mothers to be smarter in choosing cheddar cheese with the right composition and quality of ingredients.

This education is delivered through the #KejuAsliCheck campaign. This campaign is an initiative of KRAFT as a guide that makes it easier for mothers to read food labels on cheddar cheese packaging . Moreover, not all cheddar cheese products on the market are made from cheddar cheese .

“The #KejuAsliCheck campaign can be implemented in two easy ways, namely by making sure cheese is the first order of composition (not water or flour) and has a nutritional claim on the packaging,” explained Dian.

In Indonesia, the inclusion of labels on processed food products is regulated in the POM Agency Regulation No. 31 of 2018 concerning Processed Food Labels. This rule is intended to provide correct and clear information to the public about every packaged food product, before buying and or consuming food.

The #KejuAsliCheck campaign is also in accordance with the regulations of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (Badan POM), that is, the composition of raw materials on food labels is ordered by amount, from highest to lowest content.


“Therefore, the first component in the composition of cheddar cheese products should ideally be cheddar cheese , not water or other ingredients,” said Dian.

The company claims that the cheddar cheese presented by KRAFT has met all the criteria according to the #KejuAsliCheck campaign, which is the main ingredient of Original New Zealand Cheese in the first place, and is equipped with Calcimilk nutrition which is rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin D.

The various advantages possessed by KRAFT cheddar cheese can also be seen directly on the packaging, so that it will be easier for mothers to ensure the benefits for their children. In addition, KRAFT cheddar cheese also has a delicious taste with a distinctive savory cheese, and without additional flavors.

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