LinkAja Receives Fund Injection from Gojek – Following a fundraising strategy through the issuance of Series B preferred shares, LinkAja reports that it has raised more than US $ 100 million in funding. Gojek is one of the injectors of these funds.

According to Haryati Lawidjaja, CEO of LinkAja, the injection of funds from Gojek encourages LinkAja to expand the payment method options in several services that Gojek has in Indonesia. In addition, a number of services are also integrated with the LinkAja application.

“Joining Gojek as a shareholder, we can strengthen LinkAja’s position in the ranks of financial inclusion solution providers in Indonesia. Later, investments made by other players will follow. We believe that the post-investment integration will expand the scope of LinkAja services and accelerate national financial inclusion, “said Haryati.

LinkAja will use this investment injection to further focus on market segments, especially in second- and third-tier cities.

LinkAja services are engaged for retail spending, public services, and daily necessities.

Together with Gojek, this digital payment service seeks to increase its contribution to the needs of the retail and business sector, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

“This strategic investment also validates LinkAja’s growth as a startup. With funding, startup services can develop. LinkAja is targeting to expand its users, especially those who are still under the status of underbanked and unbanked , ”added Haryati.

Meanwhile, Gojek sees this investment as a massive step in reaching a wider audience in Indonesia. Given that 80% of LinkAja users are people in these cities.

“Financial digitization is not only needed by big city people. This investment can lead Gojek and LinkAja to include people who are still unfamiliar with financial management through banks while increasing digital penetration in Indonesia as the post-epidemic economic landscape will increasingly depend on digital services, “said Andre Soelistryo, Co-CEO of Gojek.

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