Microsoft Will Lay Off 10,000 Employees


Microsoft Will Lay Off 10,000 Employees , Microsoft will make layoffs (PHK) to 10,000 employees over the coming months. With this, Microsoft becomes the latest technology giant to significantly reduce the number of its employees.

Plans to cut thousands of jobs were announced in a blog post on Wednesday local time, which was also shared with Microsoft employees. In it, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained the reasons for the layoffs.

“It is important to note that while we are eliminating roles in some areas, we will continue to recruit in key strategic areas,” said Nadella, quoted from  Mashable , Thursday (19/1/2023).


The key strategic areas that Nadella is referring to are likely to include the artificial intelligence division, as the CEO recognizes the surging interest in the area, as well as keeping technology up to date. Rumors are also circulating at the moment that Microsoft is considering investing several billion dollars in OpenAI, the company behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT.

microsoft has approximately 221,000 full-time employees as of mid-2022, with 122,000 in the US and 99,000 worldwide. The newly announced layoffs will reduce the company’s workforce by just under five percent.

The silver lining to this bad news is that Microsoft won’t at least make massive cuts in one layoff, like Twitter. Microsoft’s layoffs will begin today and will continue through March.

“This decision was difficult, but necessary. They are very difficult to replace, because they affect people and people’s lives, namely our colleagues and friends. We are committed to ensuring everyone affected by layoffs has our full support during this transition,” said Nadella.

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In addition to 60 days’ notice, terminated employees who qualified for US benefits have been promised “above-market severance pay, six months of continued health care coverage, six months of continuing stock award, and career transition services.” Employees outside the US will have any rights provided by local law.

Microsoft itself reportedly laid off 1,000 people in October, even though, in September it plans to increase the number of employees in its China division by the same number. Unfortunately, massive tech company layoffs have become commonplace in the past year, with everyone from Amazon to Snap letting go of most employees.

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