Nona Strategy to Enter the Indonesian Sanitary Napkin Market

Nona Strategy to Enter the Indonesian Sanitary Napkin Market , Sanitary napkins are an inherent need for women, especially during menstruation. Although this is a normal cycle for women, there are still many who feel that menstruation is something “dirty”.

This can be seen from the findings of UNICEF Indonesia which stated that as many as 78% of teenage girls and mothers wash their sanitary napkins before throwing them away because they are afraid of the “dirty” stigma. In addition, only some women changed their sanitary napkins after eight hours.

Those who did not change admitted to feeling ashamed. Seeing the facts on the ground, Nona presented a campaign with the theme #Menstrual Revolution which was also the launch of Nona Organic Pads.
Through this product, they want to create a movement to combat the negative stigma associated with menstruation. Therefore, they use a brand activism strategy by raising social issues.

“The impact of negative stigma and taboo in our opinion has affected the quality of life of Indonesian women. Moreover, we feel that this can lead to gender inequality in society. We want to invite all Indonesian women to start a menstrual revolution,” said Nicole Jizhar, Co-Founder of Nona.

Nicole said this is a time for women to speak up and not be silent or feel embarrassed about menstruation. At the same time, this movement Nona hopes to educate more women and men in Indonesia.

Apart from being driven by social issues surrounding menstruation, the presence of Nona Organic Pads is also based on the experience felt by the Nona team with feminine care and period care products . From there, the brand wanted to provide a comfortable menstrual experience, without itching, and causing rashes on each user’s feminine area.

Therefore, these pads are specially designed and passed various trials. Nona claims that their sanitary napkins are made from natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients.

In addition to sanitary napkins, they also present a feminine area cleansing soap which is also claimed to be safe to use for sensitive skin, Nona Intimate Wash.

These local sanitary napkins are already available on the Nona official website, the Nona Woman application, as well as e-commerce channels such as Tokopedia and Shopee. The prices of these products are priced from Rp. 33,000 to Rp. 94,400.

The presence of these sanitary napkins and intimate wash products brings a new message and breakthrough in the menstrual care industry. They have started with free education on various digital channels, workshops for universities, to donating sanitary napkins for underprivileged rural areas.


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