OD by Oyster Dealer Offers Exclusive Oyster Experience

uqwo.com – OD by Oyster Dealer Offers Exclusive Oyster Experience , Oyster Dealer captures the interest of oyster connoisseurs, especially in the Jakarta area. Therefore, 3,000 Gastronomia through Oyster Dealers are expanding with the newest outlets at ASHTA, SCBD.

This new outlet is claimed to be the first conceptual oyster bar in Indonesia. Unlike the outlets in Cove Batavia, Pantai Indah Kapuk, OD by Oyster Dealer offers an exclusive experience of eating oysters.

What’s different about OD by Oyster Dealer doesn’t just come from the type of oyster served. However, the ambience of the metropolis is also adjusted to their target market in the urban capital city.

“With the operation of OD by Oyster Dealer, we invite oyster lovers to get to know a variety of oysters. We package it with various concepts. Starting from the appetizer, snack, main menu, and dessert . Everything has an oyster element in it which is complemented by a premium sauce,” said Andika Biantara, Chef and Co-Founder of Oyster Dealer.

OD by Oyster Dealer

This outlet promises a deeper experience with types of oysters that come from various continents. For example, oysters from Pacific Japan, European French, and Olympia Australia .

OD by Oyster Dealer also carries a superior menu of local oysters that are excellent, namely Pacific, Atlantic, and Kumamoto oysters . The opening of outlets in SCBD is also a form of appreciation for the growing enthusiasm of oyster fans.

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OD by Oyster Dealer

This can be seen from the increase in customers at Pantai Indah Kapuk outlets. ASHTA is considered strategic for oyster fans.

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The reason is, this location is in the center of the modern Jakarta area which is easily accessible by customers.

“Started the work of Oyster Dealer with a delivery only format , then opened outlets in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, and is now present at ASHTA.

We hope to continue to provide oyster innovations that continue to prioritize quality, safety, freshness, and a distinctive taste to be enjoyed,” said Andika.

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