Oreo X BLACKPINK , Oreo received an overwhelming response through the collaboration with BLACKPINK at the end of last year. Keeping the promise, this biscuit brand is back to presenting a special edition with the girl group from South Korea.

What exactly is Oreo looking for? Oreo is a biscuit brand whose popularity no longer needs to be questioned.

Not only in Indonesia but also in the world. However, Oreo seems to understand very well that there is no certainty that they will always be on top. Not wanting to be complacent, Oreo comes with interesting innovations.

Starting from taste experiments to collaborating with other brands. This time, with BLACKPINK.

Maybe before, you’ve heard Oreo partnered with Lady Gaga for a special edition of Golden Oreo which is transformed into a pink biscuit with green cream filling depicting the singer’s album, Chromatica . In terms of taste, it’s safe to say that nothing has changed but that doesn’t make this edition any less special.

The same thing was again presented by Oreo with BLACKPINK. They present a unique packaging typical of the girl group made by YG Entertainment.

Increase Sales

At the end of 2022, they shocked their fans with a very limited number of launches, so that each pack was almost sold out in stores and minimarkets .  There are two types of packaging that will now be relaunched in 2023 until next March.

Vega Gupta, Marketing Manager of Oreo Mondelez Indonesia explained that in this collaboration all the regular biscuits with various flavors also changed the packaging according to the BLACKPINK theme and came with a new pink variant and filled with dark chocolate cream ( pink cookie ).

First , the regular packaging that can be collected on the front has the signatures of the BLACKPINK members. Second , multipacks containing six packages with a total of 10 photocards that BLINKs can collect.

This small number of product releases could be Oreo’s way of provoking excitement from consumers who will have the opportunity to increase sales at the next launch.


Enriching the Consumer Experience

In this collaboration, Oreo also inserts a different experience. Apart from collecting photocards , consumers and BLINKs are also invited to collect personalization videos that use artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The trick is to scan the barcode on the special edition packaging or visit the website www.OREOBLACKPINK.com. After that, consumers will be asked to register to download wallpapers for free.

That’s when they can get specially personalized video messages from BLACKPINK members. The videos can be shared or saved on their respective devices.

Overall, there are eight videos that can be collected.

“We have prepared various activities for this campaign, from exclusive editions to AI videos to create exciting and fun moments for consumers,” said Vikram Chandratrey, Marketing Head of Oreo SEA & Indonesia Mondelēz International.


Cross Promotion

BLACKPINK has become part of the sensational Korean Wave in Indonesia and around the world, so it’s no wonder they have a large fan base.

Collaborating with them is a great way for Oreo to introduce itself to a wider audience. Working with the right influencers can be overwhelming for your brand.

This method can also be done not only with mega stars like BLACKPINK or Lady Gaga. Businesses need to identify their goals when working with influencers .

With a cross promotion like this, not only can a larger audience be known. However, brands can also be remembered.

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