Samsung’s Target, Focus on Contributing to a Sustainable Future

Samsung Electronics

Samsung’s Target , Focus on Contributing to a Sustainable Future , Samsung Electronics shares its vision for a connected world through cutting-edge technologies that improve the quality of life for users by providing smarter and more intuitive experiences. They conveyed all of this at the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas last week.

To do this, the company focuses on connecting devices seamlessly and designing products to make the everyday use of technology more sustainable. Samsung highlighted how the company continues to prioritize the environment through a combination of sustainability targets, innovative product designs and strategic partnerships. 

As a result, by 2050, all Samsung businesses will match their electricity needs with renewable energy and achieve zero carbon emissions ( net zero ).

In a shorter period of time, the DX Division will transition to 100% renewable energy in 2027 and achieve zero carbon emissions in 2030. To expand the company’s sustainability targets, the company describes how Everyday Sustainability , namely by embedding sustainability features in products and services the most popular for contributing to a healthier environment. 

This includes creating more sustainable products through innovative designs at energy and material efficiency.

image size-full">Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics

“By embedding sustainability into the product experience, we, and the many people around the world who use our products, can contribute to a healthier planet,” said Inhee Chung, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability Center at Samsung in an official statement received by Marketeers .

Samsung announced that most of its TV and smartphone products use recycled materials, including recycled plastic from abandoned fishing nets. Meanwhile, home appliances , memory and 5G radio network chipsets contribute to energy saving for consumers. 


In addition, Samsung’s connected services, such as SmartThings Energy and AI Energy Mode, also help consumers save power and reduce costs while minimizing their overall climate impact. Samsung also continues to collaborate with various stakeholders in its sustainability efforts. 

For example, Samsung joined forces with the Carbon Trust to develop an industry-first specification to measure, account for and decarbonise the emissions associated with connected devices as consumers use them.

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