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SEO Specialist: Definition, Duties, Salary, Job Outlook

SEO Specialist: Definition, Duties, Salary, Job Outlook

Table of Contents
What is SEO Specialist?
Job Description of SEO Specialist
Career Path of SEO Specialist

  1. Junior SEO Specialist
  2. SEO Executive
  3. SEO Manager
  4. Head of Digital
    SEO Specialist Salary
    How to Become an SEO Specialist
  5. Understand and Update Search Engine Algorithm
  6. Update with the Latest SEO Trend
  7. Understand about Website Maintenance
  8. Mastering the Language of Digital Marketing
  9. Understand some SEO Tools
    SEO Bootcamp Recommendations
  10. Mentored
  11. Binar Academy
  12. Rakamin Academy
    Become an SEO Specialist with Danacita

In the digital era like now, many new IT-based jobs are starting to emerge. One of them is SEO Specialist or Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Although it sounds new, this job is actually quite familiar in the internet world, especially in the search engine field.

Some companies engaged in startups or digital agencies usually need SEO Specialist services to handle the website of a company or client. The reason is, a website can be a ‘home’ to promote a brand or company for people who want to find complete information. More precisely, this profession works within the scope of the digital marketing world, because the goal is to help increase sales.

To understand more about this profession, see the explanation of SEO Specialist, how to become an SEO Specialist, and SEO bootcamp recommendations.

What is an SEO Specialist?
As the name implies, SEO specialist is a job related to the world of search engine optimization. Simply put, an SEO specialist can be said to be an SEO expert and has special experience and skills in internet marketing. Usually, this kind of SEO expert is highly sought after by startup business owners who want to increase sales from websites and search engines.

So, an SEO Specialist not only understands how to write with good words using keywords, but also pays attention to image display, how to maximize the website as a whole to attract more audiences, to regularly monitor website performance regularly. This is why this profession must work together with a web developer and graphic designer.

Job Description of SEO Specialist
Now, you have an idea of what an SEO specialist is, right? To better understand, you also need to know what are the duties and responsibilities of an SEO Specialist. Here are some of them.

Designing technical architecture for company SEO development.
Analyze the website both from the point of view of search engines and users to maximize website optimization.
Ensuring that all content is optimized optimally on all internet platforms such as blogs, websites, videos, smartphones, and others.
Promote a website both off site and onsite.
Creating detailed reports on the performance of optimized websites.
Improve and maintain aspects such as profile, traffic and user interaction that determine web ranking in search engines.
Estimate any changes in the Google algorithm.
Have knowledge and skills of SEO copywriting, advertising techniques and layout design.
Handle all matters related to search engine marketing.
Understand search engine patterns to find the right formula for website traffic to reach the desired target.
SEO Specialist Career Path

  1. Junior SEO Specialist
    In your first year as a Junior SEO Specialist, you will test, analyze, and tweak websites to make them more search engine-friendly. In most cases, you will collaborate closely with the web development team to ensure that SEO best practices are used for all components of the website pages.

Your job responsibilities will include keyword research, onpage & offpage optimization, article content optimization (working closely with copywriters), link building, and SEO reporting. Main focus on organic traffic within the website.

  1. SEO Executive
    Continuing in the next year, when you have gained substantial experience in SEO best practices and analytics, you can become an SEO Executive and focus on conducting on-site and off-site analysis of your company’s business competitors’ websites.

Use tools such as Google Analytics, AHREFS, SEMRush, or other SEO Tools to create Website Performance Reports. Assist the content team in creating SEO friendly, informative and high quality article content. The main focus is not only organic traffic on the website, but also focus on analyzing competitors’ websites as a reference for improvement.

  1. SEO Manager
    After two or three years working as an SEO Executive, the next career path is SEO Manager, SEO Manager is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing the company’s overall SEO strategy. It usually includes various tasks such as web marketing, web
  1. Head of Digital
    After years of working in this field, you arrive at the Head of Digital career path. The responsibilities are bigger and more complex than the previous career paths. As Head of Digital, you’re responsible for ensuring best practices and processes across the digital team so that the results meet expectations.

Manage, monitor, and approve all digital team activities. Find solutions and make recommendations to improve the company’s digital systems and infrastructure. This is where you receive organic and paid reports from SEO Specialists or Digital Marketing Specialists, and can determine and suggest further steps to be taken.

SEO Specialist Salary
SEO specialist salaries are competitive and vary depending on the responsibilities assigned. Some companies hire SEO specialists to perform relatively easy SEO practices to optimize small business websites with low competition. Others hire SEO specialists who are responsible for overseeing a comprehensive SEO strategy while managing a large SEO team.

As an illustration, here are the SEO specialist salaries of some companies in Jakarta, namely:

SEO associate salary at IDN Media is around Rp5,000,000.
SEO specialist salary at Hashmicro is around Rp6,000,000-Rp7,000,000.
Tokopedia SEO specialist salary around Rp8,000,000-Rp9,000,000.
Traveloka SEO executive salary around Rp10,000,000.
SEO content specialist salary is around Rp7,000,000-Rp8,000,000.
SEO strategist at Digitel gets a salary of Rp7,000,000.
SEO specialist at iProspect gets a salary of Rp6,000,000.
SEO content writer at Sinteki Digital Solusi earns a salary of Rp5,000,000-Rp6,000,000.
SEO specialist at Astra International gets a salary of Rp9,000,000-Rp10,000,000.
SEO content writer at Bukalapak earns a salary of Rp8,000,000-Rp9,000,000.
How to Become an SEO Specialist
If you are interested in this profession, as a beginner there are various ways to become an SEO Specialist. In general, there are no specific college majors to become an SEO Specialist. You also don’t need to have a background in IT to have a career as an SEO Specialist.

Learning SEO can also be done from the basics or without experience. SEO Specialist is a profession that can be learned by yourself, if you meet the following requirements:

  1. Understand and Update Search Engine Algorithms
    The first way to become an SEO Specialist is to understand and update about search engine algorithms. Search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo have three main engines, namely Crawling (content), Indexing (storing and tracking content), retrieval (content related to what users are looking for). These three concepts must be understood to be able to understand how search engine algorithms work.
  2. Update with the Latest SEO Trend
    The next way to become an SEO Specialist is to update SEO. Since the 2002 update, Google has made its main algorithm changes explicitly. An SEO Specialist must be able to keep up with the ever-changing developments.

The changes that occur must be self-taught by continuing to read the latest information, practicing skills and experience.

  1. Understand Website Maintenance
    Although it is not required to understand programming languages, how to become an SEO Specialist must understand how to use a website. Such as the placement of articles, images, links, attachments, and others. No less important, an SEO Specialist will have added value if they understand programming languages, especially the 3 mandatory ones, namely css, html and javascript. Understanding 3 programming languages is enough to help the work of an SEO Specialist.
  2. Mastering Digital Marketing Language
    Marketing products through digital platforms is now a top priority for developing companies around the world. Marketing through this method is considered faster and more targeted, wider reaching, more effective and affordable costs and easier to evaluate.

How to become an SEO Specialist must be able to make the content presented able to compete with competitors both in terms of presenting information and from the ease of accessing the products you want to buy.

  1. Understand Some SEO Tools
    The next way to become an SEO Specialist is to master several software that supports its performance. Among them are Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, Semrush, Google Adwords, and Ahrefs. The software helps monitor, analyze, and improve the work of SEO Specialists.

SEO Bootcamp Recommendations
You might have learned SEO on your own, but decided to take it seriously and invest in improving your knowledge? If you still don’t know the recommended SEO bootcamp as an option to learn SEO, here are the recommendations:

  1. Mentored
    The first SEO bootcamp recommendation is Mentored. For 16 weeks, you will be guided to master Digital Marketing completely with a comprehensive curriculum for 16 weeks. The material includes Introduction and Fundamental digital marketing, social media, SEO/SEM, CRM and marketplace ads.

To support your learning, you will also be equipped with 20+ learning videos that you can watch at any time, and personal consultations with experienced mentors.

More information here

  1. Binar Academy
    The next SEO bootcamp recommendation is Binar Academy. The digital marketing bootcamp at Binar Academy is held online 3x a week at 19.00-22.00 WIB for 4 months with the latest curriculum. Binar Academy provides facilities such as discussions with facilitators, pre-recorded learning videos, audio/podcasts, reading materials, quizzes, Project Based Learning, Practical Case Study, and portfolio creation.

More information here

  1. Rakamin Academy
    The next SEO bootcamp recommendation is Rakamin Academy. Reporting from the official website of Rakamin Academy, there are several reasons why Rakamin Academy can help you to become a digital marketer:

Career Profiler and Counseling Services
Learn directly with experts from Top-Tech companies
Virtual Work Experience in Top-Tech companies
100% money back guarantee if you don’t get a job within 6 months
More information here

Become an SEO Specialist with Danacita
That’s the complete information about SEO specialists, from explanations to SEO bootcamp recommendations. If you are interested in a course at one of the SEO bootcamp recommendations that have been described previously but are constrained by cost problems, there is no need to worry because Danacita has collaborated with the three course institutions in providing educational financing.

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