Shopeepay and PD Pasar Jaya Collaboration Encourages the Use of QRIS

Use of QRIS
The use of QRIS is now increasingly widespread in traditional markets (Source: Shopeepay)
In today’s digital era, some of our habits are changing.

Starting from work, communicating with friends, to daily transactions, they are now increasingly dependent on digital technology. Not surprisingly, gadgets are one of the mandatory items that should not be left behind, including to answer payment needs.

Paying anything and anywhere can now be done by scanning the QR code at the cashier. Besides being practical, this technology also makes our transactions easier and more efficient.

Seeing this, in 2019, Bank Indonesia launched the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard or commonly abbreviated as QRIS. The use of QRIS is now increasingly widespread.

This service is to accelerate Indonesian businesses and people in welcoming the digital economy. The presence of QRIS makes it easier for buyers and sellers to make transactions. The reason is, one QRIS can be scanned by various digital wallets, ShopeePay for example. The government has also built various advantages or differentiations from QRIS.

Bringing Various Conveniences

The use of QRIS makes the transaction process more efficient and faster. In addition, buyers can use various payment applications that support QRIS so they don’t need to carry cash to shop for their daily needs. With a smartphone , people can shop at all merchants that support the QRIS system by scanning the QR Code. In addition to making it easier for the public, business actors can also easily monitor transaction history, and prevent the circulation of counterfeit money.

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Handle various transactions

You may be familiar with using QRIS when shopping, paying for food at a restaurant , or paying for coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

However, the fact is that QRIS can be used to support other activities at various supporting merchants , such as buying tourist tickets, taking public transportation, paying for parking, or donating.

In addition, not only in modern shopping centers, QRIS can now also be used in conventional markets, including in various markets and food courts under the auspices of PD Pasar Jaya. That way, shopping activities can be easier and faster because you no longer need to bother looking for change.

Using QRIS you can get cashback

Not only convenience, the use of QRIS can also be profitable because users can make free transactions with no minimum payments and no additional fees. Interestingly, ShopeePay collaborates with PD Pasar Jaya in providing cashback for every QRIS payment using ShopeePay.

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    Running until June 30, 2022, loyal visitors to Pasar Mayestik, Pasar Santa, and Pasar Sunter Podomoro have the opportunity to get 60% cashback for every transaction using QRIS at merchants in these markets. For those of you who like to eat at the PUPR Layang Canteen, you can also get 60% cashback after scanning ShopeePay at the available QRIS.

    Not only about benefits, using QRIS can also increase digital financial inclusion and the expansion of digital technology in Indonesia. For this reason, many parties encourage and educate the public on the use of digital transactions, such as those done by Shopeepay and PD Pasar Jaya using QRIS.

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