Strengthen Hybrid Learning, Zenius Acquires Primagama

UQWO – Zenius , Primagama, one of the largest tutoring institutions in Indonesia, is officially part of the Zenius learning ecosystem By joining Primagama, Zenius strengthens its commitment to create a new level of education in Indonesia through hybrid learning .

“The joining of Primagama to Zenius is a combination of two experts in the field of education who will create the best innovations to advance the quality of Indonesian education. With a wide range of offline tutoring , Primagama will strengthen the Zenius learning ecosystem in providing a greater impact of technology in education,” said Zenius Chief Product and Growth Officer Sony Radhityo.

He added, with a long history of 40 years of presence in Indonesia, Primagama will share their experience and expertise in managing offline tutoring, and provide a strong teaching base across the country. Meanwhile, Zenius will expand Primagama’s network through various relevant technologies and innovations to provide the best learning experience for students. In addition, Zenius will also strengthen the quality of Primagama teachers, curriculum, and facilities which will support further network expansion.

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Through this corporate action, Zenius will work on a hybrid learning model through a scheme ( online-merge-offline/ OMO), which will become an effective learning model in the future. With this learning model, students will interact directly with teachers directly ( offline ), and can access unlimited online learning anywhere, anytime.

Primagama has more than 300 branches, more than 3,000 teachers, and more than 30,000 students per year from all levels (SD, SMP, SMA) throughout Indonesia. Currently, the integration process between Zenius and Primagama is being carried out in stages, and is expected to be completed by the middle of this year.

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“The hybrid learning model will be one of the effective methods for Indonesian education in the future. The adaptation of students and teachers to online learning during the pandemic will make it easier for them to carry out hybrid learning activities. We hope to be able to achieve our vision of assembling a smart, bright, and cool Indonesia, by collaborating with other stakeholders in the education sector,” concluded Sony.

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