The existence of authentic Indonesian coffee is getting stronger

Authentic Indonesian coffee has now become the host in their own country. It’s not an exaggeration, because today there are more and more local entrepreneurs building coffee shops in various cities throughout Indonesia. On the other hand, the trend of drinking coffee has also increased, especially among millennials.

The growth of coffee shops in the country continues to show an increase. From the Ministry of Industry’s data, in 2016 there were around 1,000 coffee shops. This figure has increased to more than 2,950 coffee outlets as of August 2019. This condition is an opportunity for coffee industry players such as Rasa Group and Rotaryana Group to supply the needs of these shops.

Karisma Kamdani, Owner of the Rotaryana Group said that Rotaryana continues to strive to be able to follow the very fast changing trends in the cafe and retail coffee industry. For that Rotaryana also offers Allcoff, Bezzera and Mazzer coffee machines.

“We are trying to seize opportunities in the coffee industry by providing a modern espresso machine as a companion to the barista in creating the best coffee,” said Karisma.

Seeing its journey, Rotaryana’s business began as a turnkey contractor company for kitchen and laundry equipment for hotels and restaurant chains / franchises . Currently, the company which is domiciled in Jakarta continues to keep up with the times and is transforming into digital technology. Both in terms of operations, marketing and sales .

Karisma realizes that this year’s opportunity for commercial kitchen equipment still exists. However, it is still being corrected by the Covid-19 pandemic factor, which is difficult to predict. To that end, Karisma is expanding their business portfolio, including to the coffee industry.

“Not only coffee, we are also expanding our business to kitchen equipment. Including other products needed in the food and beverages industry , “he added.

The owner of Rasa Group Sherley Ruslie also looks at the same opportunity. Sherley will also support the progress of the coffee industry and Indonesia’s creative economy. One of them is by providing a coffee syrup to make the coffee taste more varied.

“We provide powder , syrup, and fruit pulp from DRiPP Flavor and MultiBev to support the development of creative and quality coffee drinks,” said Sherley.

Sherley believes coffee is increasingly popular. Various kinds of preparations are increasingly popular, ranging from milk coffee, palm sugar milk coffee, boba coffee, and many more. As a result, opportunities to develop the coffee industry are increasingly wide open.

Rasa Group also encourages creativity and innovation in the coffee industry through private label services . Through the Flavorshot cloud bar concept, Rasa Group helps coffee shops in the country develop attractive coffee beverage concepts and products. In addition, Rasa Group and Rotaryana Group also contributed to developing Barista Indonesia’s capabilities by holding the Barista Innovation Challenge (BIC) last year.

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