Too Creepy, TVC Grab Bike Is Bullied by the Audiences –  Creativity is not to be confined. But there are the established norms as a barrier that should not be violated, including creativity in advertising. Instead of being informative and attractive, the audiences actually get the misunderstanding about the content.

As experienced by TVC Grab Bike recently. This TVC is part of a campaign #pilihyangaman (#choosethesafest). TVC with duration of 46 seconds aired in Grab Indonesia official account on Youtube (953.223 views) and instagram (68.882 views).

TVC descriptively told the talent as a figure of young girl who was engrossed listening to music while walking around campus courtyard. Narrative voice acted as a father figure depicted her as a cheerful, talented girl and had ideals to become a singer.

This girl’s image suddenly changed. Her face and clothes covered with blood looked like she just got an accident. Along with that moment, in-frame, a line of motorcycle taxi drivers. However, when the girl used her Smartphone to choose riding with Grab Bike, her face and body was back to normal. No wounds and bloodstains.

The message from the story is simple, that the ad wants to give awareness about safety riding as priority that Grab promotes and is highlighted through its driver. This Safety, according to Grab, will be assured by the matters like the driver safety riding training, complete official vehicle documents, and routinely treated motorcycle.

Unfortunately, the extreme visual appearance and creepy impression are even more captured by the audience. As a result, instead of praise, Grab Indonesia flooded with scorns from the audiences commented after watching in both accounts.

“Are Grab trying to give implicit message that, if we use other online Motorcycle taxi or conventional motorcycle taxi will have an impact that bad – while using Grab’s service is definitely very safe? Take out Reviews those bloody scene, please?!!,” Said Egia Tarin, one of the audiences.

But behind those all negative mentions, Grab’s latest TVC went on to become a byword in the virtual world. While the Grab up to this news is published has not officially given feedback regarding this new campaign.

Too Creepy, TVC Grab Bike Is Bullied by the Audiences – foto by grab taxi


It’s Official Response FROM Grab Questioning Creepy TVC


Still fresh in the memory of the latest TVC Grab #pilihyangaman (#choosethesafest) that became viral in cyberspace last few days. TVC which became the prefix of a series of campaign “PilihAman” (“beSafe”) from Grab, it turned out to reap despising by the community.

The reasons are, the TVC was featuring visual that can be valued as something creepy, at the same time discrediting conventional motorcycle taxi. The TVC is not officially aired on national TV, but recently aired in the Grab’s social media accounts such as Youtube and Instagram.

When Grab is confronted about this, Mediko Azwar, Marketing Director Grab Indonesia, said that the message of this ad is actually want to encourage public awareness of safety riding standards on road in Indonesia, especially when riding a motorcycle.

“We saw variety of reactions to the video ad campaign ‘PilihAman’ from Grab, and we thanked the people who have given us feedback. We understood that the video would cause terrible discomfort and regarded by some parties. We hope that people who have watched the videos ‘PilihAman’ can understand that our goal is not to frighten, but rather to illustrate the possible consequences when we compromise safety standards, “said Mediko.

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Too Creepy, TVC Grab Bike Is Bullied by the Audiences Grab also officially has an put out the video ad and replace it with another TVC. Mediko hope the public can better focus to the key message conveyed on the improvement of road safety for all citizens. He also confirmed Grab will continue to be committed to improving the overall safety standards in two-wheeler service industry and working with the conventional motorcycle taxi driver to improve their driving skills through the safety riding training in next phase campaign of ‘PilihAman’.


Sanctions for ‘Hot’ Ads Still Normative


The existence of hot or sensual ads is such a dilemma. On one side, they are considered beneficial and interesting by the owner of the brand, but on the other, it is contrary to the ethics of advertising.

In terms of advertising practitioner, the blurred boundaries of pornography of course will hamper their creativity. Creative community is required to meet client requests about interesting and attractive ads. On the other hand, they will block by the regulation which is still in the gray area.

Sensual or sexual approaches, one of them is set in Indonesia by the Etika Pariwara (Advertisement Ethics) 1:26 2005 issued by Indonesian Advertising Council on Pornography and Sexually explicit. The Item said, “Ads may not exploit eroticism or sexuality in any way, and for whatever purpose or reason.”

Instead of displaying the creative elements, ads that highlight the sensual visual, only displays dominantly on attractiveness of woman model’s body to captivate the audiences.

Advertising practitioner, RTS Masli, revealed a shift in values that occurred in the world of advertising, particularly related to sensual advertisement. The factors that cause are a leap of technology and the change of consumer needs. Rapid technological leap will inevitably have an impact on changes in traditional customs that exist in Indonesia. Easy and unlimited access of information makes things that once considered taboo became common, including the matter of definition of pornography or sexually explicit.

“The government has not yet given definite rules about which one is sensual and which are not, or which are in gray area. So the impact is the emergence multi-perception, “explained Masli.

The supporting Factors that causing sensual advertising widespread is the change of consumer needs. Consumers not only want ads that contain information, but also interesting and entertaining. Often, consumers’ desire about sensual ads is supported by the brand owners who are willing to spend a lot of money for the sake of business. One of their ways is to make women as object of the ads.

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In the past, women were oftentimes hired as an advertising object. Even if they were, Masli explained, the placement of women image in accordance with the brand that was delivered, for example, women for women’s products. As for now, sensual ads tend to exploit women only for business purposes.

“Women are basically interesting. Thus, the use of women as objects -even though there is no connection at all with the product- is still very attractive and able to capture the public attention. Although, the decision is not only done by women,” explained the former Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Advertising Companies (Persatuan Perusahaan Periklanan Indonesia (PPPI)).

In fact, according to him, there are other creative elements that should be explored by the agency of a brand in the process of ads brainstorming. Cakap Kecap’s author gave alternative approaches of humor, products’ visual, typography, endorser, cultural, and emotional selling rather than cheap erotic sensations.

Unfortunately, the ethics of advertising is one of the normative rules. It means that the violation of this regulation will not be sentenced as a criminal or by civil law. So far the sanctions are provided by the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) and the Advertising Council of Indonesia (DPI) to the brand owner for the sensual advertising are warning and exclusion, while, the heaviest sanctions are blockage and revocation of broadcast rights at the TV stations.

DPI oversees the Indonesian Private Television Association (AVTSI) so that the authority of the blocking can be directly supplied by the DPI. Therefore, he urged people to be active against the proliferation of sensual advertising, by giving the consumer complaining letter to PPPI. Too Creepy, TVC Grab Bike Is Bullied by the Audiences

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