Transport Services A la Mersey Travel Liverpool England At the time of the transportation system in Indonesia were looking shape, clear picture that is displayed by the Mersey travel can be a benchmark to establish a fully integrated transport system.

Mersey travel is one of the regional transportation system managers in Liverpool membering of the Passenger Transport Executive, the executive body which provides professionalism, strategy and transport operational in all regions of the UK.

Mersey travel has whole transportation devices that consist of counters and ticket vending machines, web, and software application for travel planning, call center which can be accessed at any time, business franchise, portal advertisement, railroads operational permits, bus stops, terminals, stations, tunnels and various other infrastructures.

Only by creating a schedule on the official website or mobile app, passengers can make travel plans online with one ticket named Walrus.

Thanks to its innovative thoughts, Mersey travel is pioneering new methods that reach each group of people in order to promote and increase awareness of public transport. Synchronizing online travel itinerary and actualization in the field is done in real-time to help showing the actual travel information. The need of passengers for up-to-date information becomes something crucial and Mersey travel can make this as its weapon.

Mersey travel is spending around £ 160 million per year by providing equipments, services to facilitate the transport system in the whole area of Liverpool.

The funds are used for some vital public transport services according to the important social demand such as providing, maintaining, and improving facilities for bus stops, shelters, railway stations, bus schedules information, and working staff for each bus station-starting from the first bus arrived to the last bus.

Mersey Travel Company has very active team of company engagement for pioneering partnership of Travel Safe and JobLink services.

By opening all business opportunities through the online portal / e-portal with other public sector organizations in the North West of England, Mersey travel can function as a world-class integrated transport network accessible to all levels of society in and abroad.

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In addition to providing economic value to the customer service without limits of time and place, Mersey travel made cooperation with private transport operators and manager of rail franchise for the Department of Transport in order to fulfil the needs of Mersey travel passengers.

Besides operating the Mersey Tunnels on behalf of the Joint Authority of the City of Liverpool, Mersey travel also owns and operates Mersey Ferries, U-Boat Story, Spaceport and The Beatles Story.

Independent polls showed Merseyrail as the top performing train operator in the UK. Among many awards, travel Mersey has achieved the status of Excellence for integrated public transport, integrated public transport planning and delivery of public transport schemes.

If the Mersey travel has created a system of transportation with various integrated modes, Indonesia can learn to build a trip mechanism effectively and efficiently. By Looking up to the integration of transport system such as Mersey travel, transportation development in Indonesia is expected to be able to drive the economy even in the regeneration process.

Authentic Service: Serving With Heart Not Only Serving

Services can be part of differentiation strategies of the most powerful company, which the company may show up and be different from the competitors. This is why authentic service increasingly becomes important. Because the more services appear authentic, the better differentiation the company is in the eyes of its customers.

authentic-service – (Foto:

Authentic services has typical characteristics recognizable as tangible or intangible.

Authentic services have characteristics that can be recognized both in tangible and intangible. Something that is tangible, has many physical characteristics (human or products), as well as everything else that can be seen directly by the eye or can be touched/ felt through the senses of touch. While everything intangible typically include things that are more experience-like, ranging from the quality of service, speed of service, until the aroma or room décor.

In service manner, authentic concerned with honesty and sincerity. And no less important, must be detached from any form of pretense.

The Element of honesty can only be created by human. Therefore, honest services without pretense can only be achieved when all human beings and parts involved appreciate honesty and avoid any kind of pretense. All HR must serve by a call from inside of themselves, and not because it was required or obliged by the company.

Authentic is Consistent Service

Authentic services can not only be done once, twice, or just once in a while. The services that can be able to create an authentic image are services performed by continuous, sustained, and with consistence. Only by consistency factor, a service can be maintained to appear authentic.

Consistency can be maintained both on the things that are tangible or intangible. Fashion products -especially premium brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and others, many of them rely on authentic factors of tangible qualities, such as the quality of the stitching, the texture of the material, durability, color authenticity.

Premium cars Rolls-Royce ever experienced a decline in sales on some new models. It turned out that, after investigation by various experts, the reason why people no longer buy a Rolls-Royce was the smell / scent in the car interior no longer the same compared to previous models.

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Transport Services A la Mersey Travel Liverpool England  Unexpectedly, when all the seats and interior materials were returned again as the material before people went back to buy a Rolls-Royce. Aroma products are increasingly authentic and inherent subconsciously in the mind of loyal customers.

Service must be performed consistently concerning all things, such as timeliness, quality of service, and others. If today, the service is right on time, but the next day, it delays for so long, then a service will lose its authenticity. If today, the company successfully provided a good service, but a few days later, it gives the service immodestly, It is no wonder if that company will lose image of authenticity.

Service is Creating Authentic Experience

Service is something that often cannot be seen with eyes, but can be felt. So, everything that is given to the customer is not just for the showmanship alone, but must also be felt by heart of many people. Everything that can be felt should be referred to the experience.

A Company that care about the services, should implement strategy of authentic serving to gain a unique experience for customers. Besides the products, experience is also closely linked with the service. Product and service must run balanced and better with, so that able to create differentiation and a strong positioning in the minds of customers.

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Starbucks is an example that is able to balance the quality of products and services. As a result, it’s able to create a distinctive atmosphere of how to enjoy coffee especially and drinks in general.

Starting from the delicious scent of coffee spreading before entering Starbucks, all-wood interior design, the selection of green color in the logo, the logo placement in certain places, a wide variety of flavors and innovative menus, a line of skillful baristas with well-managed appearances, all of them are prepared and oriented for experience.

All matters relating to the experience of sipping and enjoying a drink / coffee à la Starbucks is imitated so many times by so many coffee shops, ranging from branded to individual small businesses, but they who are imitating it cannot match the impression of “authentic” created by Starbucks.

This fact reinforces the impression as if everyone agrees that every coffee shop should look like Starbucks. This is because people have felt the most authentic experience, only and only can be found in coffee shops like Starbucks.

Thus all the elements that are very basic and must be met in services, such as punctuality, quality, efficiency, and according to the needs- must be delivered in an honest, consistent, and oriented to experience in order to create an authentic service. Everything will lead to the differentiation and strong brand positioning. Transport Services A la Mersey Travel Liverpool England 

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