Trends and Growth of Digital Marketing 2017 for B2C and B2B Segmentation –  According to GetCraft’s report, social media has a high impact for B2C, but B2B requires more deeper engagement

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Digital marketing today seems to have become a must for inclusion in business strategy. Its application can be many things in various forms, along with the many channels that can be utilized. In the year 2017 the concept of digital marketing in fact increasingly strong influence, is directly proportional to digital access is increasingly favored by the public.

In a report titled “Indonesia’s Digital and Content Marketing Reports in 2017” released GetCRAFT put forward some interesting facts about digital marketing trends. One of the findings that still continues the previous trend, which is about social media is still the most effective channel used, especially for B2C. As for the B2B content marketing approach is still considered the most effective.

There is a fundamental reason why B2C and B2B have different channel approaches. Social media is very effectively used to target end consumers for consumer-based products. But it is very different from B2B market share that requires follow-up to the decision makers in the business itself. While social media does not reach specific there, although some channels like LinkedIn can be used.

Content marketing is considered capable of reaching well in the segmentation of decision makers. At that level insight is needed to open interest to a product or service.

The above trends brought a big change to the spending of the company’s marketing budget. Research reveals that the marketer is at least 31% of the total budget on a digital approach. Most (76%) felt a significant increase from the strategy. The report also noted the average spending on digital marketing reached 1.9 million per month.
The increase is certain, but there are still challenges in its implementation

The marketer in exploring digital marketing is also not without a hitch. The biggest challenges are currently on budget constraints and capacity gaps and supporting resources. Because the digital marketing itself is also still looking for its shape. The scenario should also be dynamic, customizing user behavior in the internet landscape.

These challenges include the clarity of the process and objectives of a promoted digital marketing campaign. Not a few marketers are still trying to control the digital campaign process and elaborate more clearly with their goals. The need is related to the reporting and measurement of effectiveness, many still feel unclear reading the existing slices. This applies both to digital marketing in B2C or B2B segmentation.

Digital marketing is targeted to provide new experiences to consumers

The main purpose of modern marketing is to bring potential customers into new experiences, which will make them comfortable with the products or services they offer. Pulling is not enough, because more real targets to achieve are related to traction. Here is an in-depth education related to the product, so marketers agree that the top point for growth opportunities is in strategy to provide the user experience, one of which is by generating brand awareness and interaction with the audience.

One of the most effective ways is in the next point, which is marketing and mobile content as a platform. Not only show off products at a glance, the power of marketing content is much targeted to be able to bring consumers to the objectives to be conveyed to the consumer itself, from the product or service developed.

Trends and Growth of Digital Marketing 2017 for B2C and B2B Segmentation Then why mobile? In the same study mentioned the comparison is so significant, computer users reach 28% of website traffic while the dominance of 69% by mobile devices, especially smart phones. These three things are running Lightly integrates in a robust digital marketing strategy. The most popular content in digital marketing especially B2B / GetCRAFTThe most popular content in digital marketing especially B2B / GetCRAFTThey are related to their own content, a stout choice that can support today’s digital marketing activities. Marketers agree that article content is still the most effective, followed by videos, newsletters, infographics, and case studies.


Marketplace B2B 88spares Officially Glides on, Targeted Textile and Garment Activist

Still an alpha version, the beta will launch in July 2017, while the official launch will take place two months later.

With eagerness to ease the buying and selling transaction of machine parts and industrial needs, especially those engaged in the textile and garment industry, 88spares present enliven B2B e-commerce market in Indonesia.

88spares was officially established at the end of last year by Hartmut Molzahn as Co-Founder and CEO. He sees Indonesia as a strategic country to launch a special marketplace business in the textile and garment industries.

Molzahn cited data from the Ministry of Industry which mentions Indonesia’s contribution from textile and textile products (TPT) of 2% to global supply. TPT contributes 6.65% of Indonesia’s GDP in 2016.

“We are excited to deliver more value and develop new standards for B2B e-commerce in Indonesia through 88spares. For starters, we will continue to build related features as needed, such as product support, payments, shipping, and pricing, “said Molzahn.

For the business model, 88spares works with suppliers who act as merchants in product procurement. Merchants provide products that can be directly accessed by potential buyers. Later on every successful transaction, the 88spares will receive a commission.

“To meet the needs of the industry, the procurement is very long, must go here and there. Take for example, every entrepreneur who wants to buy one type of ink or spare part for needle looms, they do not need to check them one by one to each vendor. Stay input the goods they need, langung can be processed, “explained CMO 88spares Rosari Soendjoto when contacted DailySocial.

He added, “Users can easily cut their spending expenses by buying and selling textile machinery parts at 88spares. In our platform comes with smart features to help optimize user productivity. Thus, textile manufacturing can expand their export market. ”

Rosari claims 88spares have housed about 720 merchants with a total of 1,800 SKUs on its platform committing to selling. Target in the next year, it can capture approximately 15 thousand SKU in 88spares platform.

“With a target of 15,000 SKUs, it will make us quite optimistic to make 88spares as a marketplace that provides the most complete textile industry equipment.”

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Currently, the 88spares site is still an alpha version. The plan, at the end of July 2017 the user can already use the beta.

In addition to Molzahn and Rosari, 88spares also fronted Uung Bhuwono (CTO) and Leo Grunstein (Co-Founder). The number of talents owned 88spares currently reaches 18 people. Funding business operations, 88spares still use their own pocket (bootstrap) Trends and Growth of Digital Marketing 2017 for B2C and B2B Segmentation

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