Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected Becomes the Matic Fashion Choice

Yamaha Grand Filano

Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected Becomes the Matic Fashion Choice ,PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg (YIMM) launched the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected at the Hotel St. Regis Jakarta, Tuesday (17/1/2023). The Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected has a Classy Yamaha product positioning .

With the corporate mission Kando Creating Company, Yamaha has a strong commitment to continue to innovate in presenting superior products. Not only can it answer various kinds of consumer mobility needs, but also provide a pleasant driving experience that far exceeds user expectations.

“Therefore, in 2022 we present the Classy Yamaha category which brings new driving style trends for those who have a high orientation towards technological developments as well as lifestyle trends,” said Dyonisius Beti, President Director & CEO of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing ( YIMM).

This continues to inspire Yamaha to further strengthen the existence of the Classy Yamaha category by presenting a more complete product line-up choice to consumers. This motorbike is presented with a more fashionable and high-class design and is equipped with many of the latest modern features, including the use of a 125cc Blue Core engine with the latest Hybrid technology from the manufacturer.

In addition to completing the Classy Yamaha product line-up , the presence of this hybrid motorbike is inspired by world fashion trends . This motorbike is the choice of classy automatic scooter fashion to complement the modern lifestyle of the rider according to current trends.

With this latest motorbike, Yamaha invites consumers to step up to a higher lifestyle level through the advantages of luxurious designs, the latest technology and sophisticated features that are increasingly classy.

image size-full">Yamaha Grand Filano
Yamaha Grand Filano


“We are optimistic that the presence of the Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected in the Classy Yamaha family will receive a positive response from consumers and even has a strong potential to become a new trend setter like our scooters in the Maxi Yamaha category which are currently very popular and very much loved by the people of Indonesia,” Dyon said.

Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected LUX with a premium seat design for a more elegant and luxurious driver’s character has two premium color choices, including LUX White Pearl and LUX Matte Blue. This motorbike is marketed at a price of IDR 27.5 million On The Road DKI Jakarta.

Meanwhile, the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected NEO with a choice of four more diverse color choices, including NEO Dull Blue, NEO Red, NEO Beige and NEO Black which are marketed at IDR 27 million On The Road DKI Jakarta.

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